Get full of energy and enjoy the arrival of spring

Live an authentic Mayan blessing in one of the most important cities of the Mayan civilization; Coba.


Immerse yourself in a tradition full of history and culture, receive the strength of spring and get surprised with the dedication and charm of a community that has preserved its traditions from generation to generation.

bendicion maya, mayan spring blessing
Mayan Blessing, Bendición maya de primavera

Brother Egilio: Our guide in the Mayan culture

Enjoy a true Mayan ceremony in the company of Brother Egilio, a Mayan shaman who has inherited from generation to generation the knowledge and wisdom of the Mayan traditions.


Brother Egilio is part of the community of Sahcab Mucuy, a beautiful village near Coba where the wisdom of the Mayan ancestors prevails, specifically in the Sanctuary of Uses and Customs of the Mayan Culture, where Egilio preserves different Mayan practices and traditions for his community and visitors.


The brother will guide you as if you were part of the community, thanks to the ancestral vision of respect and Mayan solidarity, as we all come from the same land.

mayan spring blessing

A unique experience that will connect you with nature

Celebrate the beginning of a new sun, experience a unique astronomical event and receive an authentic Mayan blessing through the sacred tradition of the spring equinox.


A journey full of culture and wisdom, where the energies of a new era will guide you on your way to fulfill your goals and aspirations, where your body, soul and spirit will unite to enter into complete harmony.

Receive the Mayan blessing from anywhere in the world

Guests at Aldea Coba can enjoy this spectacular ceremony, where they can experience multiple sensations through the Mayan tradition. Breathe each traditional aroma of the different Mayan ingredients, feel the vibrations of the instruments and traditional chants and live in depth this magnificent celebration.


Enjoy this unique event by connecting from anywhere in the world, register through our Facebook event, and you will receive an email with the invitation to be part of this experience via streaming.


This event is free of charge, however, the Sanctuary of Uses and Customs of the Mayan Culture of Brother Egilio will be grateful to receive voluntary contributions to preserve its sanctuary. These donations will be completely earmarked for this noble cause.