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Cobá has been named as Mexico’s Most Impressive Destination For Off-The-Beaten-Path Travel by Forbes and by staying at Aldea Cobá there is the opportunity to live unique experiences that leave anyone breathless, delving in to learn more about the uses and customs of the Mayan Culture, marvel at the flora and fauna of the region and also feed the soul with the energy that the Earth gives.

Private Tour to the Eco-Archaeological Zone of Cobá

Visit the archaeological zone of Cobá at the beginning of the day with a professional guide, allowing you to be with few people and fully enjoy the energy and mysticism that exists within this Mayan city hidden in the jungle of the Mexican Caribbean.

Sanctuary of Mayan Uses, Customs and Traditions in Sacabmucuy

The Mayans are alive and their traditions and history are valid more than ever. The Xaman Igilio will guide you through his patio and explain the importance of preserving the Mayan culture. You will be able to make handmade tortillas, eat organic eggs and taste the Mayan honey from the honeycomb produced by the Melipona Bees that do not have a stinger and produce healing honey.


Explore freely the surroundings of this spectacular city, tour every corner at your own pace and once you have explored enough you can return to Aldea Coba and relax in our comfortable rooms to enjoy the rest of your quiet and comfortable stay with us.

Tour in the mayan city of Cobá

day tour & guide service

Tour the spectacular ruins of Coba and fill yourself with wisdom, curious facts or unique information in the company of our tour guides, who know these sacred lands thanks to the years of studies they have dedicated to them, observing even the smallest detail of the remains of this civilization.

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Premium Private Tour to Archaeological Zone of Cobá

Discover the magic of this Mayan city in complete privacy. Guided by experts, live a unique experience accompanied not only by the secrets of Coba, but also by the ancestral Mayan flavors. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the jungle and connect with history in an exclusive way.

Pyramid of Kukulcan in Chichen Itza

Private Tour to Chichen Itza

Embark on an intimate and magical journey with our exclusive Private Tour to Chichen Itza. Awaken your senses as you explore the majesty of this wonder of the world and its surroundings. A unique experience to fall in love with natural beauty and ancient Mayan history.

Ek Balam Tour with Guide

Ek Balam Private Tour

Explore the magic of Ek Balam with an experience that combines natural beauty and culture to offer you unforgettable moments. Discover the richness of the archaeological zone accompanied by expert guides, exploring Mayan treasures, and get ready to start a new adventure.


Private Tour to Muyil

Enjoy a unique experience in Muyil. Discover the majesty of the archaeological zone and the Sian Ka’an Reserve in this hidden corner. Guided by bilingual experts, this tour will connect you with the Mayan essence in a mystical and captivating environment.

Destination weddings in Mayan city of Cobá


The right place for your special occasion. Aldea Coba will be your special place to carry out your unique events and share them with your loved ones. With us you will have total control over the facilities, your guests and everything you want to do, it will be the perfect place where your dreams will come true just as you planned.