Cobá has been named as Mexico’s Most Impressive Destination For Off-The-Beaten-Path Travel by Forbes and by staying at Aldea Cobá there is the opportunity to live unique experiences that leave anyone breathless, delving in to learn more about the uses and customs of the Mayan Culture, marvel at the flora and fauna of the region and also feed the soul with the energy that the Earth gives.

Private Tour to the Eco-Archaeological Zone of Cobá

Visit the archaeological zone of Cobá at the beginning of the day with a professional guide, allowing you to be with few people and fully enjoy the energy and mysticism that exists within this Mayan city hidden in the jungle of the Mexican Caribbean.

Sanctuary of Mayan Uses, Customs and Traditions in Sacabmucuy

The Mayans are alive and their traditions and history are valid more than ever. The Xaman Igilio will guide you through his patio and explain the importance of preserving the Mayan culture. You will be able to make handmade tortillas, eat organic eggs and taste the Mayan honey from the honeycomb produced by the Melipona Bees that do not have a stinger and produce healing honey.

Cacao Ceremony

Connect with yourself, with your companion, and with your ancestors in a Cacao Ceremony from your Villa. This ceremony is an intimate experience just outside your room and guided by Sister Amaya.