The commitment of Aldea Cobá to preserve nature

One of the fundamental principles since the conception of Aldea Cobá is the respect and preservation of the sacred lands in Cobá, taking care of every space of the wonderful Mayan nature to offer our visitors a space of natural connection that only the magnificent and spectacular Mayan jungle can offer.


On Earth Day we want to share with you some of the actions that we promote and carry out in Aldea Cobá, which has become our professional philosophy, preserving and promoting the conservation of our beautiful planet. Respecting this essence that inspires us to take care of every little aspect of this land that has given us spectacular experiences.

A unique and natural experience

Staying at Aldea Cobá will make you live an environment full of harmony and tranquility in the company of the fantastic Mayan jungle. It will be the perfect place to enjoy nature at its best.


You will be able to enjoy fresh, comfortable and carefully prepared rooms to give you a pleasant relaxing experience, a space where every aspect of your comfort is our priority.

Nightfall in Aldea Coba

Green spaces full of life and beauty

From the outside facade before entering the hotel you will notice our respect for nature, preserving the local flora through different natural paths, avoiding the use of materials harmful to the environment of the Mayan jungle and trying to take care of every little aspect of nature.


Enjoy a natural path to your room accompanied by the mystical Mayan jungle, a refreshing outdoor pool that will soothe you and explore a unique menu that combines the best of ancient Mayan cuisine with modern and traditional culinary proposals of gastronomy.

View of nature from one of our rooms

Our Zero Kilometers philosophy

In Aldea Cobá we know the importance of consuming local products and supporting our communities, therefore, we practice a philosophy of “Zero Kilometers”, where we get different supplies or items through different merchants and establishments in the community of Cobá and surroundings.


Thanks to this action, we can offer you different products and experiences elaborated by members of the Cobá community, which are made under the most rigorous quality standards and preserving its ancestral essence.

Fresh ingredients for your palate

Preserving nature and its customs

We want to provide you with a space where tranquility and harmony connect in a natural environment, therefore, in Aldea Cobá we take care of every plant, tree and place to respect and preserve these magnificent natural environments.


We have multiple extraordinary activities for all our guests, enjoy a wonderful tour of the Archaeological Zone of Cobá, connect with your body through our yoga classes, relax and enjoy the moment thanks to our therapeutic massages with aromatherapy or if you prefer enjoy through the Mayan wisdom touring one of the most emblematic sites for this civilization in the Sanctuary of Mayan Uses, Customs and Traditions in Sacabmucuy.

Brother Egilio, member of the Mayan community in Sacabmucuy

Aldea Cobá shares this natural philosophy to preserve and conserve nature, you can join in this great action by promoting in your home the culture of recycling, reuse and reduction of different products to reduce the ecological damage to the planet. Small actions at home also count, sharing this environmental philosophy with more people will greatly help our planet earth.

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