Día nacional de la abeja

Discovering the Mayan Melipona Bee: A Gift of the Gods

From its role in mythology to its deep contribution to nature, the Mayan Meliponan bee has marked its importance in this civilization for centuries. That’s why this National Bee Day, we can’t help but share with you every aspect of this wonderful creature.

So, if you’re ready for a journey through culture and time, join us in exploring why the Maya Melipona bee is a gift from the gods that deserves to be celebrated and protected.

Everything about the Mayan Bee

1. Discovering the Sacred Maya Bee

Unlike the bees we all know, the “Melipona Beecheii,” or better known in Maya as Xunán Kab, stands out as a stingless species that the Mayan people have cultivated for years.

Moreover, it holds great value in the culture and ecosystem of the Yucatán Peninsula, the region where it is native.

Abeja melipona maya
Melipona bee, a sacred species to the Mayas

Thanks to its qualities, such as the healing properties of its honey and its significant contribution to fruit and vegetable cultivation, it has been and still is considered a sacred species by many inhabitants.

2. The Ancestral Bond of Bees

For the Maya, the relationship between the Melipona bee and their culture dates back to ancestral times and is directly related to Ah Muzenkab, who was one of the most important Mayan gods, responsible for protecting the bees and their nectar. 

As their honey was used for various purposes!

Mayan melipona bee honey used in rituals
Nectar used in several traditional ceremonies

This led Maya communities to consider these creatures not only as honey and wax providers but also as sacred and essential beings for their daily lives and ceremonial rituals.

3. Its Importance in the Yucatán Region

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Mayan Melipona bee played a crucial role in the lives of its communities. One of its main contributions, however, was its impact on agriculture.

Polinización de abeja maya
Bee pollination of flowers and crops

The pollen produced by these bees has a protein value 50 percent higher than that of other species, contributing to higher crop yields in the area.

4. Maya Honey and Its Healing Powers

Despite producing a small amount of honey each year, around 1.5 L, it is known to be more beneficial than that of other species. It is commonly used in traditional remedies and healing practices.

Beneficios de la miel maya
Honey jars used for healing practices

Thanks to its antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, honey is ideal for wound healing, improving digestion, and strengthening the immune system. It has also been used to treat burns and superficial wounds, attributing it with its healing powers!

5. Sahcab Mucuy, an Experience to Celebrate the Maya Bee

Today, the sacred Maya bee continues to be a fundamental element in the culture of the region. Despite societal transformations, some communities still practice traditional beekeeping and promote its importance.

Abeja melipona maya
Delight yourself with Mayan honey at Sahcab Mucuy sanctuary

An example of this is the Sanctuary of Usages and Customs in Sahcab Mucuy, a destination that allows visitors not only to learn about this species, taste its honey, and experience its healing qualities but also to connect with Maya culture.

Here, you can make your visit extra special by participating in a Maya blessing, discovering healing plants, and learning about the sanctuary’s history from a third-generation Maya Shaman.

Living traditions in the sanctuary of Mayan customs and traditions

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And now, you are indeed ready to celebrate National Bee Day!


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