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How to get to Cobá? Guide to travel like an expert

If you are within the Yucatan Peninsula one of the activities that you can’t miss is visiting Cobá, this ancient Mayan city is a place full of history and mysticism where without a doubt you’ll be able to connect with nature and culture. Since, not only does it house the second largest archaeological zone in Quintana Roo, but it’s also a destination that offers activities For Off-The-Beaten-Path Travel

Being a town hidden inside the jungle for many of the visitors who want to explore the city, one of the biggest questions is how to get to Cobá. Actually, there are several ways to get to this magnificent town and this guide will show you exactly the steps that you must follow to have a perfect trip, without stress and worries.

1. Where is Coba?

amanecer en coba
Sunrise in Cobá, mayan city

Before mentioning the most popular routes that are usually taken, it’s important to highlight that one of the greatest advantages of Cobá is that it has a strategic location, since it is close to the most attractive tourist areas of the peninsula, such as; Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

So if you are already exploring these cities, you can’t forget to mark on your itinerary a quick visit to the archaeological zone of Cobá, although, if you want to enjoy all the activities that the place has to offer, we suggest you look for accommodation in Cobá since one day wouldn’t be enough. 

A good option for those looking for a luxurious escape in the company of nature but with modern comforts is Aldea Coba, Hotel boutique in the Mayan jungle. You can get more information about the hotel here.

2. How to get to Coba from Cancun?

vista panoramica de cancun
Panoramic view of Cancun, city in the Mexican Caribbean

Certainly, both inside and outside this great city, there are a large number of natural treasures that are worth visiting, but among the favorites of many is Cobá. Located 134 km away, the journey from Cancun to Cobá has an estimated time of two and a half hours, depending on traffic.

One of the fastest routes to reach the town is taking the Kantunil highway, later joining the Nuevo Durango highway, although it is important to note that this route includes a toll. Here you can see the mentioned route.

Another way to get there if you do not have your own car is through the ADO buses, where you must buy a ticket to Tulum and once inside Tulum you can take public transportation to Cobá.

3. How to get to Cobá from Playa del Carmen?

playa del carmen 5ta avenida
Playa del Carmen. 5th Avenue

The second most popular route is Playa del Carmen, located 120 km from Cobá, with a trip that usually lasts an hour and a half. Like Cancun, you can get to Cobá by bus from the ADO terminal, following the same steps; buy a trip to Tulum and once in that city take transportation to Cobá.

If you have a car, you can get to Cobá by taking federal highway 307 towards Tulum and then merge onto the Nuevo Durango – Cobá highway, as shown on this map.

4. How to get to Coba from Tulum?

como llegar a coba de tulum
Archaeological Zone of Tulum

As for Tulum, unlike the previous cities, the distance that has to be traveled to get to Coba is only 47 km, which would be equivalent to a trip of approximately 38 minutes. Being the closest magical town to Cobá, you can find various means of transportation that will help you reach your destination.

If you go by car, the most convenient route is to take federal highway 109, taking the third exit towards the Nuevo Durango – Cobá highway. To explore the route you can click here. Other ways to get there are taking a bus, which leaves from the center of Tulum, or through the taxi service.

5. What is the most recommended way to go to Cobá?

How to get to Aldea Coba by car
Driving through Cobá, travel at your own pace

Although there are several ways to get to Cobá, to have a better experience, it is best to have a car, either your own or a rental. Why? The main reason is that this medium will allow you to enjoy complete freedom, which means that you will be able to explore the town at your own pace and have control over which places to visit.

Another advantage is that it will be a single trip, thus avoiding transfers and extra expenses. Once inside Cobá, if you want to get to know the town more closely, you can explore its surroundings by bicycle, but only if you are going to travel short distances.

Terraza Exterior en aldea coba
Outdoor terrace at Hotel Aldea Cobá

As well, to complement your adventure, we recommend you take into account to get accommodation in Cobá, since you will find a lot to do; from visiting the spider monkey reserve to rafting, among many other things. 

After a long day of activities, if you are looking to recharge your energy, at Aldea Cobá hotel boutique in the Mayan jungle, you can spend a pleasant time full of harmony and tranquility.

For more information on this, you can contact us through our direct line 998 402 1130 or through our website.

Now you know how to start your adventure in Cobá! Whether you are exploring Cancun, Tulum or Playa del Carmen with this guide, getting to Cobá will not be a problem.

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