Wedding trends 2024

10 wedding trends for 2024 worth knowing about

In the exciting world of weddings, every year engaged couples look for inspiration to make this day truly unforgettable. This time around, we can’t deny that wedding trends in 2024 are revolutionizing the bridal scene!
While there are many fresh and creative ideas, in this article, we will explore those that are defining the industry for 2024, as revealed by Vogue and Pinterest’s annual wedding report, offering a fascinating glimpse of what’s to come in the bridal world!
The latest trends in weddings

1. Personalized weddings: Say goodbye to traditional!

This year, couples are opting to break the rules and make a unique style statement. While it’s also referred to as “Anti-Wedding” this doesn’t mean that couples are against weddings, but rather that they are looking for something more original and true to their style.
This is evidenced by Pinterest’s report, with searches for the word “anti-wedding” increasing by 480%.
Best wedding trends
Experiences more original and faithful to the style of the couples.
From dress code to themes, everything is customized to reflect the essence of the couple. There’s even no problem with guests wearing more colorful outfits or going with a theme. Making each celebration a truly unforgettable event.
In a few words, your wedding, your rules!

2. Weddings of more than one day: Celebrate in style

Why limit yourself to a single day of celebration when you can have a whole weekend of love and joy? This is exactly what brides and grooms-to-be tend to feel. 
That’s why more-than-one-day weddings, also known as “Wedding Weekenders” or “Wedding Chapters, are another one of the wedding trends for 2024 that have been gaining more popularity.
Latest wedding trends in 2024
Make the most of every moment of your wedding
Here, couples opt to start celebrating with more intimate ceremonies and then host larger parties the following day. Allowing them to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

3. Destination weddings: An escape from convention

Destination weddings continue to be an enchanting option for those seeking a unique experience. From tropical beaches to charming European villages, the world becomes your backdrop for saying “I do”.
Bodas destino en las playas
Weddings in new destinations
In fact, many consider it the perfect way to make your day twice as memorable, as it’s also a great excuse to escape to hidden destinations and enjoy new experiences with your favorite people.

4. Midnight Fast food: Delicious for everyone!

Who said wedding food has to be boring? As part of the wedding trends for 2024 that are revolutionizing the culinary scene, the “Midnight Fast food” comes along.
An option that is not only about satisfying hunger, but adding a touch of fun and originality to the celebration. 
Wedding banquets in trend
Delight your guests with your favorite appetizers
From corners with the couple’s favorite food, such as gourmet burgers or tacos al pastor, to themed dessert stations, these gastronomic proposals help make your wedding event memorable.

5. Peaceful weddings: Yes to intimacy and privacy!

This is one of the wedding trends of 2024 that shows us that in a world full of rush and stress, many brides are looking for a quiet wedding that offers them a haven of serenity and genuine connection with their loved ones.
Mayan Weddings
Celebrate a private ceremony in connection with nature
In these types of ceremonies, the emphasis is on quality time and meaningful experiences for guests. So they tend to be intimate weddings or private ceremonies, in small venues and natural settings.
In fact, some of the key searches on Pinterest were; “Intimate backyard wedding reception” increasing by 300%, “Outdoor for garden wedding reception” at +290%, and “Intimate woodland wedding” at +170%.

6. Vintage weddings: The charm of timelessness

This year, couples are increasingly drawn to the nostalgia and romance evoked by vintage elements. So, the charm and elegance of bygone eras are experiencing a renaissance in the wedding world.
vintage wedding trend
Immerse yourself in the charm of vintage elements
From dresses to rings, cakes to pearl jewelry, everything is infused with a classic and refined aesthetic that will transport guests back to dreamy times.

7. Gothic Glamour: Elegance in the Darkness

For those couples looking for a bolder and more dramatic aesthetic, gothic glamour is the perfect choice. This style breaks with the tradition of neutral colors and creates an atmosphere of intimacy, mystery and charm that will captivate everyone present.
New gothic wedding trend
Celebrate with a unique style and a bold aesthetic
It is so popular that among the wedding trends for 2024, it has shown the highest growth. As according to Pinterest’s report, searches for “dark fantasy weddings have” increased by 1650% and searches for “Victorian Gothic weddings” by 170%, demonstrating the rising interest in this unique and captivating style.

8. Digital Guestbooks; Lasting Memories

In terms of experiences, one of the trends we will see in 2024 is the use of digital.
Among the most viral proposals is to give a modern twist to the traditional guestbook. Couples are now opting for electronic versions so that guests can share everything from photos and videos, to audios or special writings. 
This is great for creating memories that will last a lifetime, with no worries about ruining or losing them!

9. Shared experiences: Make your guests feel special!

As you might expect, weddings have evolved beyond simply being events for the bride and groom; they are now shared experiences where every guest is an integral part of the special day. 
From photo-sharing apps to entertainment zones with fun activities, every detail is designed to create unforgettable memories. For example, artistic experiences, such as live portraits and disposable cameras on the tables, are some of the ideas that add a unique and personalized touch to the celebration.

10. Documentary Photography: Capturing Authentic Moments

In the wedding trends for 2024, documentary photography is positioning itself as a popular choice for capturing authentic, candid moments. 
Wedding video and photography 2024
Be sure to capture every moment of your special day
Leaving behind forced poses, many brides will be looking for expert photographers and videographers who focus on capturing the true essence of each moment. So if you’re looking to immortalize your special day with images that tell a real story, documentary photography is the perfect choice for you.

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In short, 2024 is the year of non-traditional weddings, where creativity and personalization are the protagonists. Therefore, we invite you to think carefully about the options that will suit the event of your dreams.
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