first international flight to Tulum

Tulum Airport receives its first international flight

The day has arrived: Tulum Airport has received its first international flight, marking a historic milestone in the development of tourism in the Mexican Caribbean. So if you’re planning your next vacation, now is the perfect time to put Tulum on your list of must-see destinations!
From white sand beaches to ancient Mayan ruins, this destination has something for everyone, and now thanks to the accessibility that Tulum International Airport brings with it, exploring it is easier than ever.
Flights to Tulum

1. First international flights in Tulum

On March 28th, around 11:00 a.m. the first international flight arrived at Tulum Airport from Dallas, Texas, operated by American Airlines.
An exciting event that kicked off a new era for the airport, which despite only being in operation for 3 months, has already left an indelible mark on Mexico’s tourism industry.
In fact, this week, we have also witnessed the arrival of several flights from major U.S. cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas and Miami, operated by renowned airlines such as the above mentioned, and Delta Airlines.
Thanks to these new connections, more than 6,160 passengers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich Mayan culture, enjoy the delicious local cuisine and marvel at the incomparable beauty of the Mexican Caribbean beaches.

2. Airlines that will take you to Tulum

As you might expect, more and more airlines are offering flights to Tulum. So, now travelers can arrive from different parts of the world in a direct and hassle-free way.
Here is a list of 10 airlines that will bring you closer to your next adventure. Click on any of them to find out all the details.

3. How to get to Coba from Tulum Airport

With the start of these new operations, the opportunity to discover nearby destinations has increased. But this is especially true for Cobá, located just 1 hour and 30 minutes (73 km) from the terminal. 
Therefore, for many travelers an inevitable question arises: How to get to Cobá from Tulum? If you are one of them, don’t worry, here are a couple of options.
How to get to Cobá
Arrives at the town of Cobá without any inconvenience
Once you are at the airport and ready for the next stage, you can choose between private transportation services, buses or rental cars. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but that will depend on what you are looking for.
For routes and complete details we suggest you visit the following post: How to get to Cobá from Tulum Airport. You might also be interested in: Where to stay in Cobá?
Whether you are looking to relax on the beach, explore Mayan ruins, discover the vibrant gastronomic scene or dive into the crystal clear waters of the cenotes, Tulum has something for everyone.
Believe us, the first international flight is just the beginning of a new era of exploration in this Caribbean paradise!


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