Inauguración Aeropuerto de Mexico

The day has arrived! Tulum Airport opens its doors

La anticipación finalmente llegó a su fin con la tan esperada inauguración del Aeropuerto Internacional de Tulum. Este hito marca un nuevo capítulo en la historia de los viajes.

What does this newly opened airport have to offer? Here we tell you all about it. From its special connection to the Mayan Train, to the airlines that will help you transform your travel experiences.

All about Tulum Airport

1. First destinations Tulum Airport will connect to

The opening of the Tulum Airport brings with it an exciting variety of destinations that will be more easily accessible. This new gateway will not only connect you to key cities in Mexico, but also abroad.

As per the information provided by its official Facebook page, the first routes of this airport will include connections to cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, Tijuana, Aguascalientes and Guadalajara, thus expanding the options for your next trip!

Remember that these are just a few destinations, if you want to know all the routes that Tulum Airport will connect with, we suggest you visit their website.

2. Which airlines will operate in Tulum?

As for the airlines that join the adventure of taking off and landing in Tulum, there is a great diversity among them. 

And it’s no surprise, since according to the Mexican government, the “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” terminal will be the 2nd largest airport in the Yucatán Peninsula and will have a capacity to serve up to 4 million passengers a year.

For this reason, even long before its inauguration, some national airlines, such as Aeromexico and Viva Aerobus, showed their interest in operating at the airport. In fact, they were the first to confirm their routes!

Among the airports that will connect with foreign countries are several well-known airlines such as Delta Airlines, which will have a direct route from the USA, and Spirit Airlines with flights starting in March 2024 from Orlando.

As well as American Airlines, with 4 daily flights from Tulum Airport to destinations such as Dallas, Charlotte and Miami; and United Airlines connecting with New York, Houston and Chicago starting March 31 and one seasonal flight from Los Angeles, starting May 23, 2024.

3. Mexico's first green airport

Another of the many charms of the Tulum “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” Airport is that it not only takes you to exciting destinations, but also marks an ecological milestone for Mexico. 

As Governor Mara Lezama has highlighted it. According to her latest statement on social networks, and in compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization, this is the first “Green Airport” in the country. 

Since, its construction focuses on the protection of flora and fauna, along with effective measures to mitigate environmental impacts. Thus, in a way, by choosing this destination you are choosing a trip that takes care of our planet!

4. Quintana Roo, home to 4 International Airports

When talking about this new connection, we cannot fail to mention that the state of Quintana Roo now has four international airports, consolidating itself as an epicenter for travel in Mexico.

Having the International Airport of Cancun, Cozumel, Chetumal, and now the one in Tulum to complement this air transportation network.

Estacion de Palenque Tren Maya
Projection of the future Tren Maya station. Photo retrieved from Fonatur (

And as if four airports were not enough, to highlight the importance of Quintana Roo on the map, in addition to the above-mentioned airports, the Tulum Airport will have a new level of accessibility with the future station of the Mayan train.

So this multimodal integration promises not only to connect flights, but also to link destinations efficiently, offering travelers an unparalleled experience. To learn more about this ambitious project, check out the following posts:

5. Where to stay on your visit to Tulum?

As you can see, the new routes to Tulum Airport will make visiting this Caribbean gem easier than ever. Now all that’s left is to find the perfect lodging, and with Aldea Coba it won’t be difficult.

Here you can enjoy rooms with a private pool with cenote water, gourmet restaurant and exciting activities such as wellness experiences and guided tours, just to mention a few!

Escape experience at Hotel Aldea Cobá, dream villas

With a strategic location, 5 minutes from the ruins of Coba and 30 minutes from Tulum, our hotel will allow you to enjoy villas surrounded by jungle, beaches and cenotes. 

So when you arrive in Tulum, we invite you to explore Aldea Coba, a Boutique Hotel in the Mayan jungle, where you can experience an unforgettable getaway experience. For more information, contact the direct line 998 324 0198 or consult the website.


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