Golf en Moon palace

Golf at Moon Palace – Aldea Coba at the Event of the Year!

This 2023, we are excited to share with you news that fills our entire Aldea Cobá community with pride. For the sixth consecutive year, we had the honor to be part of the most outstanding charity event of the season: the Moon Palace Golf Tournament.

An event held by the palace foundation that sets the standard in contributing to various social causes. Naturally, our small boutique hotel was delighted to join the cause as a sponsor.

Join us as we discover how this event unfolded!

Moon Palace Golf Tournament

1. The Palace Foundation's Purpose

Before we dive into the events of this day, first we want to share with you the philosophy behind this incredible organization. 

For years, the Palace Foundation has been leading significant efforts to improve various aspects of society. In fact, as a non-profit entity, its work ranges from programs that impact positively on education and health, to projects in homes and care for the environment.

2. A Golf Tournament that makes a difference

As we briefly mentioned, the Palace Foundation Golf Tournament is a unique event that not only brings together golf enthusiasts, but also raises vital funds to support the organization’s various initiatives.

Just like in the 9th edition, Aldea Cobá joined as a sponsor, being part of this collective effort to make a difference.

Gathering of talents: International and national players united


The tenth edition of the Golf Tournament held on December 2nd, 2023 at Moon Palace was a true milestone, bringing together on the stunning course of the Moon Spa & Golf Club a variety of talents that knew no borders.

Both international golfers and national players joined this noble cause with enthusiasm, creating a unique atmosphere of camaraderie.

Action Starts at 07:50 a.m.


The day began on time at 07:50 a.m., when the sponsors welcomed the participants, marking the beginning of an exciting day that would consist of 9 holes.

As in previous years, the golf couples received, for their registration donations, a welcome dinner, an awards lunch, raffles, and prizes valued at up to 3 million Mexican pesos. Making it a renowned event.

3. Aldea Coba as a sponsor

As you can see, our commitment is not only to provide unique experiences to our guests, but also to contribute to the well-being of the surrounding communities. 

Therefore, for us, participating in this event was not only an opportunity to enjoy a day full of entertainment, but also to support noble and meaningful causes.

Of course, we cannot fail to emphasize that each of our guests, through their choice to stay with us, was an ally in our mission to contribute to well-being. So thank you for being part of our journey and for supporting us in these meaningful initiatives! 

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