Estacion Tren Maya Nuevo Xcán

Nuevo Xcán: the hidden town with the Mayan Train station

Immerse yourself in the experience of exploring Nuevo Xcan, the new tourist jewel in Quintana Roo that has come to life thanks to the Mayan Train, a modern railway project that has been in charge of connecting different regions of Mexico.

With its station strategically located, this place promises to be more than just a transit point, and become a unique experience for travelers who wish to explore the cultural and natural richness of the region.

All about Nuevo Xcán

1. Getting to know the Nuevo Xcan station

The Nuevo Xcan station is located in the municipality of Lazaro Cardenas, Quintana Roo, but also has a proximity to the state of Yucatán. 

Although this is a small town, it is worth exploring. As in addition to being steeped in centuries of Mayan history, it is surrounded by nature and traditions, creating a natural and peaceful environment for those seeking tranquility on their trip.

On the other hand, Nuevo Xcan station will not only allow you to connect to the beautiful island of Holbox, but will also let you enjoy other nearby destinations that once might have been considered difficult to access.

2. What to do near Nuevo Xcan?

For those looking for more than just a transit point, Nuevo Xcan station offers a variety of activities and attractions. Here you’ll find some of the most popular ones.

Archaeological sites: Cobá, Ek Balam & Tulum

For those looking to immerse themselves in the ancient history of the region, nearby archaeological sites such as Coba, Ek Balam and Tulum offer a journey back in time. 

Zona Arqueologica de Coba
Coba Archaeological Zone

Just 40 minutes from the town and 47.0 km, Coba awaits you with its imposing pyramids and causeways, while Tulum, approximately 2 hours away, invites you to explore its Mayan ruins by the Caribbean Sea.

Also, don’t forget to include in your itinerary Ek Balam, another archaeological jewel about 1 hour away, with an impressive acropolis and carved stelae.

Ta'akbil Ja Park

As a starting point, you can visit Ta’akbil Ja Park within the village. A community project involving 250 Maya families, it offers a wide range of activities from hiking and rappelling to water activities in cenotes and subway rivers.

It also gives you the opportunity to sample the region’s gastronomy and stay with Mayan families. All of which can add a special touch to your visit.

Punta Laguna

Located just 24 minutes from Nuevo Xcan, in Punta Laguna, you can enjoy guided tours in the Spider Monkey Natural Reserve, where in addition to spotting these incredible species you can cool off and relax in its famous lagoon.

If you wish, you can go canoeing, slide down a 30 m high zip line or visit a hidden cenote.

Cenotes and subway adventures

Another of the great attractions that the Nuevo Xcán station offers you are its incredible cenotes. 

Cenotes cercanos Nuevo Xcan
Experiences in cenotes near Nuevo Xcan

Like the Sac Ha cenote, Choj Ha and the challenging Nohoch Actun, where you can experience an exciting 18-meter rappel. The best of all, is that to get to them, you will only have to make an average trip of 15 minutes.


Around 2 hours from Nuevo Xcan, Holbox is a quiet paradise part of the Yum Balam Biosphere Reserve.

Holbox destino cercano Nuevo Xcan
Holbox, a destination of beaches and crystalline waters

It is famous for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, so if you are a snorkeling and nature lover, you will love to visit it.

Here you can enjoy the serenity of its landscapes, spot pink flamingos and experience a relaxing getaway that will connect you with the natural beauty of the Mexican Caribbean.


To immerse yourself in the daily life of the region, we suggest you visit Kantunilkín, a town 30 minutes from Nuevo Xcán that stands out for its rich cultural heritage. 

Discover its essence through the local architecture, its picturesque streets and the hospitality of its people. 

Punta Mosquito

Finally, be sure to venture to Punta Mosquito, just over an hour from Nuevo Xcan, to enjoy nature in its purest state. Its virgin beaches and biodiversity offer a serene and revitalizing escape.

3. Frequently asked questions for your trip

We know that before embarking on a new adventure with the Mayan Train many doubts may arise, don’t worry, it’s natural! So, here are some answers to clear those concerns that haunt your mind:

Viajar con el Tren Maya
Tips for successful travel on the Mayan Train
  • How to book tickets?: Tickets for the Mayan Train can be booked through its official website, There you will find updated information about schedules, fares and travel options.
  • Is it safe to visit Nuevo Xcan?: Absolutely! Travelers’ safety is a priority in Nuevo Xcan. In addition, environmental preservation and integration with the local community are fundamental aspects of the Mayan Train project.
  • Where does the Mayan Train route start?: This new form of transportation travels approximately 1,500 kilometers across five Mexican states: Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatán and Quintana Roo.
  • Where is the Nuevo Xcan station located?: The route of the Mayan Train is divided into 7 sections, the Nuevo Xcan station is located in section 4, which goes from Yucatán to Quintana Roo. To know the details of each of the sections, we invite you to explore the complete route of the Mayan Train.
  • How to get to Coba from Nuevo Xcan station?: From Nuevo Xcan station, you can take a fascinating 40-minute trip that will take you to Coba. To do so, you will have to take highway 109 towards Quintana Roo, Nuevo Durango – Coba.

    If you don’t have your own car, before your visit, you can arrange a rental service or private transportation.
  • Where to stay near Nuevo Xcan?: For those who wish to extend their stay and explore the surroundings, the option of staying in Coba is an excellent choice. At our Boutique Hotel, Aldea Coba you can enjoy exclusive services, luxury rooms and experiences in the Mayan world.

By choosing Aldea Coba, you will immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy a pleasant rest after a day full of adventures. You can learn more about their getaway experience here, or contact the hotline 998 324 0198.

Live a complete escape experience at Aldea Coba.

As you can see, the Nuevo Xcan station and its surroundings are much more than a simple stop on your trip; they are an invitation to discover the authentic beauty of Quintana Roo. 

So prepare your itinerary, book your tickets to travel on the Mayan Train, and let yourself be carried away by the wonders that this unexplored corner has to offer.


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