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6 special events you can celebrate in a hotel

One of the many stereotypes of hotels is that they are just a place to rest, however, nothing could be further from the truth. As they are full of amenities and services to make all your special events unforgettable.

So if you need a colorful, cheerful and charming atmosphere to celebrate, booking a hotel for the occasion is not a bad idea, it will only make it more memorable!

Just so there’s no doubt about it, here we leave you 6 special events you can celebrate while staying at a hotel.


Events you can hold in a hotel

1. Weddings

Weddings are one of the main events that take place in a hotel, why? … simply because they have everything to provide the care and warmth that a major event like this deserves.

weddings and special events in hotels
Weddings, a complete experience in one place

After all, besides having indoor and outdoor spaces that can be transformed into a beautiful setting for the ceremony, they usually offer planning services, catering, and of course lodging, which is highly useful if your guests come from far away.

Making it a great way to get a complete experience in one place!

2. Honeymoons

After going through all the stress of planning a wedding, believe it or not, a hotel can be the perfect place to have your honeymoon. To do this, we suggest you look for an intimate space with romantic rooms, preferably one that you have never visited before.

eventos especiales para lunas de miel
Honeymoon at a romantic place

This will allow you to awaken new sensations and enjoy with your partner an escape for two full of tranquility, where you can celebrate your union and strengthen your bonds. 

To complement your stay, don’t forget to take advantage of the wide range of activities and experiences that the hotels offer, such as therapeutic massages, yoga sessions and sightseeing tours, all of which will make your honeymoon unforgettable!

3. Birthdays

Whether you are planning an important birthday, a surprise party or an intimate dinner, in a hotel you will be able to carry out this celebration without any problem. After all, for special events like this, many hotels offer packages for a more complete experience.

birthday parties and special events
Decoration for birthday parties and surprise events

Best of all, apart from having private spaces and luxurious amenities, you are sure to enjoy personalized attention with professionals who will help you plan every detail, from the menu to the decoration.

So all you’ll have to worry about is enjoying yourself. 

4. Anniversaries

Another of the most memorable special events you can experience at a hotel are anniversaries, as they are the perfect way to celebrate in style.

special dinners in tulum coba
Romantic dinner for two

No matter what kind of anniversary you want to celebrate, the amenities and services of a hotel can provide you with everything from a stay full of relaxation and romantic details, to a wide range of gastronomic options for an incredible dinner for two, or more. 

Believe us, there is no better way to celebrate the most important moments of your life than with a day specially planned for you.

5. Vow Renewal

Although a vow renewal is often a simpler event than a wedding, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be just as impressive. As, it is a unique opportunity to once again celebrate your love and reaffirm your commitment.

eventos especiales en hotel Aldea Coba
Special ceremonies to commemorate a marriage

So, whether you want to live a second honeymoon, celebrate with your family or escape from the rest of the world, with the help of a hotel you can find several ways to make this day unique.

Moreover, if you prefer to do something even grander, you can always ask for special ceremonies that will strengthen the marriage. For example, cocoa rituals as a couple, blessings or Mayan weddings. 

6. Graduations

The years of hard work and dedication deserve to be celebrated, and for that there is no better setting than a hotel. Whether you are looking for a small one-day family reunion or a longer stay in the company of your friends, hotels are the perfect opportunity to get rid of stress and enjoy yourself with your favorite people.

In addition to getting excellent attention, you can enjoy dream spaces, catering options and everything you need to celebrate this achievement as you deserve.

Events at Aldea Coba

If you are looking for the perfect place to celebrate your special events, then Aldea Coba is the ideal hotel for you. As its privileged location makes it easier for you to enjoy your best moments.

Our Boutique Hotel is not like any other, since it is located in the middle of the Mayan jungle of Coba, you can enjoy a harmonious environment full of nature, as well as great tourist attractions and experiences in the Mayan world. Therefore, it is ideal to celebrate any event you have in mind.

special events at aldea coba romantic rooms
Hotel surrounded by the intriguing Mayan jungle Aldea Cobá

In addition, thanks to its restaurant, recognized as one of the best in Cobá, you can have a unique gastronomic journey full of ancestral and contemporary flavors, and if you wish, you can also customize your menu!

So, if you are looking to celebrate in style, Aldea Coba is the perfect place to help you make it happen. For personalized assistance, do not hesitate to contact our hotline 998 402 1130 or, if you prefer, check out more details through our website.



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