ceremonia de cacao maya

Cacao Ceremony, a spiritual experience

For many cultures cacao has always been an important element in their history, believe it or not, what today is a widely consumed product, was once food of the gods. 

Therefore, on a day as important as today, July 7th, and in order to commemorate International Cacao Day, we want to share with you an exciting part of the legacy that the Mayas have left us; The Cacao Ceremony.

Join us to discover all that this incredible ceremony has to offer!

All about the Cacao Ceremony

1. What is a Cacao ceremony?

The Cacao Ceremony is a sacred ritual that challenges us to transcend the limits of the physical and venture into the realms of the gods.

cacao ceremony mayan tradition
Mayan cacao ceremony

Its purpose is also to create a deep connection between body, mind and soul, balance our energies and revitalize our health. Therefore, today, it has become a very popular practice among lovers of wellness experiences.

2. What happens in a Cacao ceremony?

Although this ceremony is very popular in the Mayan world, the way it is conducted and presented is not always the same. Since each “shaman” may have his or her own method, however, they maintain some elements in common.

bebida de cacao
Cocoa drink, fruit of the ancient gods

For example, it is normal that during this experience prayers are shared, chants are sung, participants receive a Mayan blessing, immerse themselves in meditations guided by the expert in question and, of course, share a cup of the exquisite cacao elixir.

All in order to facilitate spiritual experiences.

3. Reasons to attend a Cacao ceremony

Being a ceremony with high spiritual value, there are many reasons why wellness lovers, adventurers and fans of cultural encounters have chosen this as one of their favorite experiences.

meditation cacao ceremony
Meditation in ancestral Mayan ceremony

But undoubtedly, the main one is the tranquility and mental clarity it provides, as meditation relaxes both body and mind. As well as the deep connection with the soul, which in turn supports self-discovery and helps revitalize your energy.

For this and more, it is really worthy to try this ceremony at least once in your life.

4. Where to experience an authentic Cacao ceremony?

For those who are looking for a true experience in the Mayan world, the best thing to do is to visit small towns full of charm and culture, such as Coba; an ancient Mayan city hidden among the lush jungle.


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Where in addition to finding completely authentic Cacao ceremonies taught by shamans of the region, you can enjoy other cultural experiences such as tours around the archaeological site of Coba, temazcal sessions and much more.


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