Aldea Coba eco-friendly hotel

Is Aldea Coba an eco-friendly hotel?

Over the years, environmental awareness has grown, and now travelers are increasingly attentive to options that reflect their ecological values. And since we know that in a destination as emblematic as Tulum, the search for an eco-friendly hotel can be overwhelming.
We want to introduce you to Aldea Cob├í, a boutique hotel that promises to combine comfort, culture and sustainability in a single place. Come with us to discover why it’s just what you’re looking for!
Aldea Cobá as an eco-friendly hotel

1. Welcome to Aldea Cobá, an eco-chic paradise

Located just 30 minutes away from Tulum, Aldea Cobá presents itself as a refuge for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in the peace of nature. How has it done it?
Easy, since its opening, this hotel has decided to embrace those practices that minimize its environmental impact and promote the conservation of natural resources.

2. The effort put into its amenities

As an eco-friendly hotel, Aldea Cobá also pays attention to detail, so every amenity in its rooms is carefully selected and crafted to reflect a commitment to the local community and the environment.
From the cushions and bedding, which are embroidered by the Mayan communities of Cob├í, to the macram├ę decoration made by local artisans, each piece tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship that we seek to recognize and promote.┬á
As well as the wooden furniture you’ll find around the hotel, created by local carpenters and materials. From cabinets, desks, trunks, chairs and tables.┬á

3. Organic products and environmental care

The hotel’s commitment also extends to its personal care products, where priority is given to the use of biodegradable and recyclable materials.
Aldea Coba organic amenities
Environmentally safe hygiene products
For example, shampoo, soap, bath gel and other amenities are organic. Which not only offer a luxurious sensory experience, but also contribute to the care of the environment. 

4. It's mindful design and construction

While our facilities stand out for their natural beauty, we make sure to go beyond aesthetics. Therefore, we choose to use materials and construction methods that honor and respect the natural environment that surrounds us, characteristics that define a true eco-friendly hotel.
An example of this are the walls of the rooms that are built with Mayan stone and Chuckum, a raw material that has been used since ancient times in the Mayan areas. This combination not only adds historical charm to the rooms, but also helps to keep them cool even on the hottest days. 
In addition, we always strive to ensure that the facilities blend perfectly with the jungle setting of Cobá. Therefore, we avoid making drastic alterations to the ecosystem and let the life of the Mayan jungle flow freely through the corridors.
So every morning, you will be greeted by birdsong, small birds and colorful butterflies.

5. Its 0km philosophy

Part of its contribution to the environment also extends to its kitchen, where it follows the 0km philosophy. This is based on the idea of sourcing food and supplies locally, thus reducing the distance between producers and consumers. 
This means that all ingredients are locally sourced from the region and its surroundings, supporting local producers and minimizing their ecological footprint.
From the Xunancab honey to the corn and seeds from the milpa, each ingredient is carefully selected to bring out the authentic flavors of the region. We even have a small orchard where fruits such as lime and maracuya are grown, adding a fresh touch to each dish.

6. Experiences in harmony with nature

Just as we care for our immediate surroundings, we also care for the rest of the town. That is why many of our activities are related to ecotourism.
With Aldea Coba, you can discover the natural beauty of the region with guided excursions to various Mayan ruins, as well as visit the Sian Kaan reserve, get tickets to natural cenotes and much more, all ideal to complement your stay in a eco-friendly hotel!
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Book your getaway at Aldea Cobá, eco friendly hotel

As you can see at Aldea Cobá, sustainability goes beyond a simple label; it is the heart and soul of everything we do.
From our handcrafted details to the architecture, every aspect of our little lodge seeks to reflect a genuine commitment to the environment. Book your eco-friendly stay today and join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future!
For more information, contact our hotline at 998 324 0198 or visit our website.


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