que es una bendicon maya

What is a Mayan blessing? The answer to all your doubts

Have you ever wondered what is a Mayan blessing and how this ancestral ceremony can transform your trip? Well, in the heart of the lush jungle of Cob├í, among ancient ruins and nature’s whispers, you can find out.┬á

But to give you a glimpse, before you jump right into this adventure, in this post we have compiled everything you need to know about a Mayan blessing. So, if you have any doubts, don’t stop reading!

All about the Mayan Blessing

1. What is a Mayan blessing?

If you are interested in wellness experiences, you may have already heard about Mayan ceremonies. But do you know what they really mean?

ceremonias mayas
Connect soul, body and mind with a spiritual ceremony

As you might expect, Mayan blessings are sacred rituals rooted in the culture of that civilization. They are designed to connect us with nature, the cosmos and, above all, with ourselves.

They seek to harmonize the energy that flows through all things to bring balance and prosperity to our lives. In other words, it is a way to start a new cycle and receive good vibes.

2. What is a Mayan ceremony like?

Within the Yucatán Peninsula, there are many types of Mayan ceremonies that you can be a part of. Ranging from gratitude and petitions, to weddings, blessings for the harvest, or even the welcoming of a new year.

Although each one is special in its own way, in all of them altars are prepared with key elements such as water, flowers, copal, corn, honey, fruit, etc. Also, prayers and rituals are performed where the 4 cardinal points of the universe are called upon or invoked.

All this is done by a shaman in the form of chants in his native language while purifying your soul with incense or copal. It is also usually accompanied by traditional music and is done in a place surrounded by nature. Therefore, it is a very popular event in the town of Cobá.

3. How should I dress for a Mayan blessing?

There is really no dress code you should follow to join a Mayan blessing, however, opting for light colors such as white can add a special touch.

Since white universally symbolizes purity and peace, it creates the perfect harmony with the nature that surrounds you during the ceremony. While the choice of attire is personal, dressing in light colors reflects respect for the spirituality of the event. 

4. Where can I find this type of experience?

If you are eager to immerse yourself in the magic of the Mayan blessings, there is no better place to do it than Coba, an ancient Mayan city inside the jungle, surrounded by ruins, mystical cenotes and culture. 

To make sure you get the best experience, Aldea Coba, an Escape Boutique Experience, offers you the opportunity to live this moment in the most authentic way possible.

5. Why choose the Mayan blessing of Aldea Coba?

At Hotel Aldea Coba, we not only offer you an experience, we offer you an authentic encounter with Mayan traditions. Especially as our ceremony is led by an expert shaman, who has inherited from generation to generation the ancestral knowledge and wisdom.

Bendicion maya en Coba
Egilio Shaman, third-generation Mayan descendant

In addition, here you can find a variety of special ceremonies to suit your needs and desires. From traditional Mayan blessings to New Year and spring ceremonies, our commitment is to provide you with a unique and meaningful experience.

That’s why on special dates, such as New Year’s, the Mayan blessing is included with your stay, at no additional cost! And for those who, for whatever reason, cannot make it to Coba, we offer you the possibility to join us from anywhere in the world.┬á

Simply register through our Facebook event, and you will receive an email with the invitation to be part of this experience via streaming. 

6. When and how to book your Mayan blessing in Coba?

With Aldea Coba you can book your Mayan blessing ceremony throughout the year or secure your spot a few weeks in advance for our special spring and New Year’s ceremonies, which take place in March and December.┬á

Live a complete escape experience at Aldea Coba

At our boutique hotel, we are committed to offering you not only a place to relax, but also the opportunity to immerse yourself in the cultural richness of the region – book now and let Mayan spirituality become part of your journey!

For more information or to consult with an advisor, call our direct line 998 324 0198 or, if you prefer, explore our website.


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