International flights to Tulum

Tulum and its successful number of international flights

Lately, Tulum International Airport has been in the spotlight, and for a very good reason. With an impressive growth in the number of international flights, this airport has become a crucial entry point for travelers eager to explore the wonders of Tulum and its surroundings.
Here we reveal its amazing achievements!
International flights to tulum

1. A historic milestone: The first international flight

Tulum International Airport marked a historic milestone when it received its first international flight on March 28th from Dallas-Fort Worth.
A significant event that not only symbolized the expansion of the airport’s services, but also highlighted Tulum’s growing relevance as an international tourist destination.
In fact, that same week, we also witnessed the arrival of several flights from major U.S. cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas and Miami.

2. International flights; huge success?

As expected, after its opening, this airport began to be noticed around the world. Receiving more than 8 airlines for international flights, and as reported by Forbes, up to 60 weekly flights from several well-known airlines.
These include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada and many more. It also points out that in its first 4 months it has become “one of the most successful air terminals in Mexico”.
To learn about the rest of the airlines that will be operating in Tulum, we recommend you to check the following article.

3. A national departure point

In addition to its international achievements, Tulum Airport has also been a crucial departure point for domestic travelers. Kicking off its operations at national level in December 2023.
And the airline in charge of taking the first step was Viva Aerobus, with flight VB9360 coming from the country’s capital airport (AIFA) and with 179 passengers on board.

Prepare your trip to Tulum

As you can see, discovering the magic of Tulum is now easier than ever. So if you’re planning to visit this paradisiacal destination, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the wide range of international flights and high-quality services offered by its new airport.
And once you’ve landed, be sure to find the perfect lodge for your stay. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, at Aldea Cobá you can find everything you need to enjoy yourself to the fullest. 
Located just 30 minutes drive from Tulum and 15 minutes from the ruins of Cobá, it offers an authentic and relaxing experience in the Riviera Maya. With comfortable villas and bungalows, cenote pools and walkways filled with lush Mayan jungle, your stay in Tulum will be unforgettable. 
For more information, contact the hotline 998 324 0198, or check out our website – your adventure is just a flight away!


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