Celebrar thanksgiving en Aldea Coba

Where to celebrate Thanksgiving in the Mexican Caribbean

While in many places Thanksgiving is celebrated accompanied by autumn leaves and the aroma of hot cider, in the Mexican Caribbean this holiday takes on unique twists, surrounded by white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

This paradise offers a charming and unique version of Thanksgiving dinner. To make sure you have no doubt about it, here we tell you how and where is the perfect place to celebrate it!

Where to celebrate Thanksgiving

1. Why is Thanksgiving celebrated?

The origin of Thanksgiving dates back to 1621 when the Pilgrims and Native Americans shared a dinner to celebrate the first harvest in Plymouth. Since then, it has become a celebration marked by gratitude and family bonding.

celebrar thanksgiving en caribe mexicano
Traditional celebration in the United States

Although traditionally it is an American holiday, in the Mexican Caribbean it is also possible to experience this celebration. Especially as many people seek to enjoy this holiday in a warmer environment.

2. How is Thanksgiving in the Mexican Caribbean?

One of the most special things about celebrating Thanksgiving in the Mexican Caribbean is the fusion of traditions. Aside from giving travelers the opportunity to create unforgettable memories, it also allows them to celebrate with their favorite traditions.

Menu de thanksgiving
Traditional Thanksgiving dishes

So even though it’s not their home of origin, they can enjoy traditional Thanksgiving dishes in a completely different environment, surrounded by palm trees and sea breezes, as well as a pleasant climate and the Mayan jungle. 

3. The best destinations to celebrate

The Mexican Caribbean has many areas worth visiting; however, for this celebration, we have gathered three destinations that offer you the best of both worlds.

  • Playa del Carmen

    If you are looking for an experience that combines the best of gastronomy and the Caribbean charm, Playa del Carmen is the perfect place. 


    Here you’ll find numerous restaurants along Quinta Avenida with traditional or slightly different menus, plus the ocean view is incomparable!

Playa del carmen
Quinta Avenida, main street of Playa del Carmen
  • Cancún

    On the other hand, if you want to add a touch of exclusivity to this holiday, we suggest you consider the luxury resorts in Cancun. As they are known for providing exceptional celebrations. 


    Some hotels even offer themed activities and entertainment to make your dinner even more special.

Cancun, a paradise of beaches
  • Tulum, Cobá

    For a more relaxed experience, there is no better place than Tulum. Here, you can enjoy a Thanksgiving Day accompanied by the sea breeze and a more Bohemian vibe.


    Also, nearby you will find Coba, a Mayan city with historical and natural charm. Where some boutique hotels and restaurants near the Mayan ruins also join the Thanksgiving celebrations. 

Coba Archaeological Zone, Mayan City

4. Where to find the best Thanksgiving Dinner?

Located 30 minutes away from Tulum, Aldea Coba, a boutique hotel in the Mayan jungle, offers a unique experience to celebrate. In this quiet corner, you can enjoy a special dinner prepared by Chef José Itzincab, an expert in the fusion of traditional cuisine with the ancestral flavors of the region.

Aldea Coba’s restaurant, traditional Thanksgiving menu

On this occasion, our Chef will be preparing a Thanksgiving dinner full of traditional dishes and flavors of the season. Which you can enjoy surrounded by the mysticism and rich culture of Coba while sharing special moments with your loved ones.

To reserve your table in advance and join this party you can contact the direct line 998 342 0198, or if you prefer, check the website.

5. Tips and Activities to Complement your Celebration

In addition to the Thanksgiving Dinner, Coba offers a range of activities to complement your visit to the Mexican Caribbean.

From exploring its majestic ruins and refreshing cenotes, to getting in touch with nature aboard a canoe or touring the spider monkey reserve in Punta Laguna, there are countless ways to enjoy this paradise!

Activities in the surroundings of Coba

To learn more about each of them, be sure to visit the hidden gems you can see in Cobá and the 7 unmissable activities of the place.

If you want to plan your next getaway, don’t hesitate to contact Aldea Coba’s direct line 998 342 0198 and an advisor will be happy to help you solve all your doubts.


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