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Celebrate Tourism Day: A Journey into the Trends of 2024

This Tourism Day, while we celebrate our passion for traveling and exploring new horizons, at Aldea Cobá we also look forward to the future. That’s why we have prepared for you 5 travel trends that will define your adventures during 2024.

After all, tourism is more than a simple act of travel, it is a search for enriching experiences and a connection with the world around us.

Tourism Trends

1. World Tourism Day 2024

Before diving into the travel trends that will shape 2024, it is important to remember why celebrating World Tourism Day is so important. 

As the official date to commemorate this event, September 27th is a day when the world comes together not only to share a passion for this incredible activity, but also to reflect on the impact tourism has on our lives. 

tendencias de viaje
Celebrate World Tourism Day by exploring magical places

From creating jobs to promoting cultural diversity and preserving the environment, tourism plays a crucial role in building a more connected world.

Therefore, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), together with other associations, prepare activities to celebrate the day, and gather to discuss the topic through forums, round tables and speeches.

2. Trends for 2024 that you should be aware of

Thanks to the changing preferences of travelers and global challenges, travel trends are constantly evolving, and what used to be popular in 2023 has been transformed this year. In what ways? … Here’s a closer look.

Sustainability and social responsibility

Sustainability has been a growing trend in recent years, but in 2024, its importance will be even more relevant. According to data from Assist Card, travelers are increasingly interested in destinations and lodging that preserve and protect their natural environment.

spring break in aldea cobá
Sustainable tourism, outdoor activities

Therefore, sustainable travel, eco-friendly hotels and ecotourism experiences will be crucial factors when planning a trip.

Tourism of Experiences

This is another trend that was introduced last year; however, by 2024 its presence is expected to be even stronger.

Turismo de experiencias
Experiences that connects you with culture and traditions

Travelers are now looking for more than just a vacation; they crave memorable and authentic experiences. In other words, it is no longer enough to just “see” and “explore” a place; instead, they want to genuinely connect with the place in question. 

Thus, experiences that allow them to connect with the local culture, learn new skills and immerse themselves in the day-to-day life of a destination will be the most sought-after.

Personalized Journeys

For many, personalization is the key to exceptional experiences. Thus, this is an attribute you can’t ignore when planning your next adventure. This can range from planning tailor-made itineraries, to choosing à la carte services and experiences in private settings.

Experiencias privadas y personalizadas
Customized tours and activities

In this way, each traveler’s vacation is expected to become an extension of his or her personality and desires, providing unique opportunities that reflect his or her individual tastes.


Technology will continue to transform the way we plan and experience travel. From online booking to real-time travel apps, digitization is expected to streamline and greatly enhance how vacations are enjoyed

Turismo y la tecnologia
Tourist experiences and digitalization

Many travelers will now seek to explore destinations virtually, customize itineraries in real time, and access essential information with ease, all with the help of process and service automation and digital platforms.

Wellness tourism

Finally, health and wellness will continue to be at the forefront of many travelers’ minds. They will seek destinations and activities that promote a renewing trip, full of peace and tranquility.

Lodging to connect with nature
Yoga to nourish the mind, body and soul

This is closely related to wellness experiences, which aim to find a balance between mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, meditation trips, yoga retreats and self-discovery experiences will be taking a leading role in travel planning.

3. How to start celebrating Tourism Day?

As you can see, each of these trends has its own charm, and they are so varied that there is sure to be one that fits your needs. 

If you want to celebrate Tourism Day by joining these exciting trends, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry, at Aldea Coba, an Escape Boutique Experience, you can experience a bit of everything.

Dia Mundial del Turismo
Aldea Cobá Hotel surrounded by nature

Here you will not only be visiting Coba, a hidden gem in the Mayan jungle, but you will also be enjoying an unparalleled atmosphere of disconnection. In addition, you will find unique experiences such as Mayan blessings, ancient communities, ceremonies, and wellness experiences. 

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